Following a heritage, Nordbron was finally able to decided to make beautiful city of Alesund as a focal point of inspiration



By adopting easily identifiable  authentic basic popular designs from everyday life - cobblestone streets, a beaten path, the wind which joins the precipitation blend, a soft toned row houses - nordbron envisioned a complete design driven language of urban styles; one with its own simple complex and consistent internal structure.

Amongst the diverse silhouettes in each of nordbron All Time Icon series, there’s a few pieces that have withstood the test of time and become the iconic essentials in building one’s cold weather essentials.

Pumb, Umas, Landson and Gleny have all become bases for enjoying inclement weather and are available in a multitude of colorways.

The All Time Icon series inspiring casual functionality with nordbron’s regards for detail to capture timeless styles. Constructed with lightweight qualified knit patterns and finished with classic and hand stitched leather branding, these silhouette exude comfort and quality.




CORE CASUALS, in the FW19 nordbron woman core casual series, three headwear items have been designed within nordbron’ clean palette of headwear silhouettes: Gyro, Demas and Dessa. All styles feature nordbron’ signature hand stitched leather label, finest soft material knit structure, but are also fleece lined or double layer structured as their offers would suggest to provide nothing less than winter-worthy warmth.

LONG LINE, nordbron Long Line series derived from the spirit of cool weather essentials. Each mood in this athmosphere as Mirene, Leia, Ronja and Nita offering embraces with evocative a special touch blend yarn, colors, knit patterns and branding.

BE RELAXED, the progressive designs, convenient and active life style inspired Be Relaxed serie is rendered in classy tones, crafted soft knit patterns. Each silhouette in this athmosphere as Vaeli, Indy, Gives, Janina, Tena, Elenta, and Raines are presented how aesthetic and comfortable accessories have built a culture of creativity.

UNIQUE MOOD, in the spirit of Cherly design talent acquisition, the nordbron ongoing serie Unique Mood presents very special silhouettes, from Dorya to Carin each has a unique appearance thanks to special characteristics of their yarns.

BOLD SCALAS, the soft touch exterior of Bold Scalas, while old world opulence and contemporary refinement intersect for the silhouettes, the serie designed and crafted with bright colors up among the solid colors in the vivacious tones.


HEAVY KNITTED, the Heavy Knitted serie unifies contemporary design with colorful and warmer structured knit patterns. Inspired by loose fit activewear, designed with in eyecatching perceptibility and comfy finishes enhance in each silhouettes. The winter’s innovations also include the arrival of the finest quality, a fun and accessible snowy city and all-mountain ski.

HEADBAND, merging a casual style with everyday stylish cosy look and comfortable knit designs, the Headband serie is crafted with relaxed fit in mind and eyecatching blended color combinations in each silhouettes.


EARMUFF, The Earmuff authentic basic popular designs present a classy look in each silhouette by joining timeless toasty warm in all winter long. Amongst the diverse silhouettes in each engineered with adjustable headband featuring.


FUR CLASSICS, The serie examined all modern essentilas for highest comfort knit designs and combined blended yarns. Offers premium looks in each silhouette as Noyal, Marion, Luths, Maria, Tinos and Libby which accents elevate the patterns introduced in Fur Classics.



NEWSBOY CAP, the Newsboy Caps series capturing envisioned a complete design driven language of urban styles; one with its own simple complex as Wilmot and consistent internal structure as Leymond with ridged velvety fabric essential.


WOVEN SCARF, assambled from authentic soft colored feelings, the Woven Scarves serie has been textured from a qualified material coveted for its luxuriously soft handle. The popular styles Swag, Farel and Preston offering returns with subtle enhancements for a refined urban aesthetic.


STRIPED, the striped rendition of the serie features adoptable color transitions knit pattern in mind which is evident even in the simple design.

WINTER CAPS, the Winter Caps collection pairs casual functuonality with nordbron’s regard for detail to capture a timeless style. Constructed with cotton, herringbone twills and special wool blend textured fabrics. These silhouettes exude comfort and quality.


THE TRUE CLASSIC, as timeless as a favorite cosy way of headwear, The True Classic serie designed for future, drawns inspiration from the next, a culmination of visionaries from past eras and forward-thinking innovators of today.


CORE SETS, Made from multicolor textured yarn qualities and rich knit patterns, the Core Sets serie merges casual comfort with classic modern style. These soft silhouettes are adorned with chromatic hues.

COLOR BLENDED, made from multicolor textured yarn qualities and rich knit patterns, the Color Blended serie merges casual comfort with classic modern style. These soft silhouettes are adorned with genuine leather accents.


BOLD SCALAS, Technical performance and evocative material story with a colored blend yarn defines the Bold Scalas. Perfectly equipped for cold-filled days.



custom design details and lightweight casual inspired silhouettes

The style of our time became value through volatile and random circumstances. In an almost evolutionary way, certain things, places and individuals were naturally favored and praised throughout history, and that made them trendy to this day.

This contemporary collection offering is elevated by a lightweight knit patterns exterior and custom design details. Capturing a minimalist aesthetic, these lightweight casual inspired headwear silhouettes feature a resilient rib, chunky, plain knit pattern design exterior with heat transferred accents.

BOLD CLASSIC, the Bold Classic line merging design driven finishes such as special knit geometric form patterns crafted with soft feeling yarns and regular fit in mind.

HEADBAND, the bright & bold Headband serie unifies contemporary clear design with eye-catching color variants and cold weather proof crafted body structures as presenting all day accessories.

DYNAMIC STRIPED, as an active urban lifestyle inspired Dynamic Striped serie applies contrast stitched knit patterns combined with regular fit crafted fancy color effects. Each refined silhouette in the serie offering is joined by an accompanying selection of beanie that are new for winter.

UNIQUE MOOD, a trusted design driven special characteristics crafted yarns, Unique Mood serie offers very special silhouettes while exploring the urban landscapes. Crafted with a contemporary color blended aesthetic and custom finishes.

WINTER BRIGHTS, the contemporary Winter Brights needs no embellishments to make a bold statement. Capturing a minimalist aesthetic with a modern inspired details, featuring a treated nordbron branding on novelty color blocks.




inspiration from next, next generation and unprecedent comfort


Designed for the future, imaginative season collection draws inspiration from next, next generation – a culmination of visioners from past eras and the forward-thinking innovators of today. Adorned with metal and leather branding accents and magic hilarious inspired special prints emphasizes essential design arguments featured in warm tones for colorful and attractive styles.

The cute binding range has been echanced with a new generation of inspiration, which combine unique design and unprecedent comfort with a distinctly tactile stylish treatment offers the striped offset line of timeless full comfy fit in mind.


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