fall&winter 2019/20

It is no secret that the influence of South- Tyrol athmosphere has come to the attention of design-makers across the world. From fashion to architecture to film, the once presumably green, grey and browny backdrop has found admirers excited to look past romanticized beauty and into the specific splendor that came from great landscapes, mountain lakes and snowy hills.

unique and irrestible appeal to make inspiration a perfect feeling

The beauty and diversity of the landscape of the Italian Dolomites alone has been enchanting all of us - in every season. Because this inspiration region always has its own unique and irresistible appeal. The land of the Dolomites is diverse ... a small patch of earth where we find everything to make inspiration a perfect feeling.

”on a quest to continue

the search unique and magic platforms for

creative process

On a quest to continue the search for the variety of natural landscapes, from spectacular views of the old city to the plenty of rocky cliffs, rivers and paths to discover, along with the characteristic villages in the hills, nordbron’ designers found inspiration at the mid-century intactness of Ortisei, Seceda, Lajen, Bozen of South-Tyrol. This section make the journey so unique and magical here that Nordbron discovered everything need as the ideal platform for its creative process.

The rest of the journey showcases using by these elements of this design attitude, nordbron canvased the all seasonal trends producing hundreds of these consequent items eyecatching landscapes and degraded rock murals adorning the mountains. The route allows people to connect with planet with all their senses to explore, listen and feel the abundance of their spirit and nature. It is an innovative inspiration that highlights the symbiotic relationship between vegetation and people.To see the atmosphere in person, visit the regions Ortisei, Seceda, Lajen, Bozen.

Between all collections from all time icon, woman, man, bright&bold and kids, adopters could spot and recognize nordbron’s extensive work spanning across the city and nature, and would regularly engage with the brand whenever they crossed its path.

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